Admit it. You’ve been looking for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show everyone the great man you know you are. Well, congratulations. That moment is here.


Sober DadYou are a parent (or you’re about to become one). A father! A sober dad. If the word sober led you to pick up this book, you are on the right track. You know you want to be a sober dad. Physically sober. Emotionally sober. Here’s your guide to giving up being a “guy” and to becoming a better man, so that you become a better dad—Sober Dad: The Manual for Perfectly Imperfect Parenting.

You aren’t going to get everything right. Everything isn’t going to be perfect. Perfectly imperfect is okay. Your role as a dad will last a lifetime. You’ll soon see that perfection isn’t the point.

Showing up, being present, getting up, and trying again with your eyes wide open and crystal clear—that’s what counts. That’s what separates the guys from the sober dads. Those are the things your kids will remember.

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Twelve Step programs can sometimes be intimidating. Before you walk into that meeting, you want to know the scoop and what it’s really like to work a Twelve Step recovery program. Michael Graubart is here to tell you.


Step UpIf you’re ready to take the first steps in a new direction, you don’t have to walk them alone. Step up to your best life, alongside the millions of people who have embraced Twelve Step programs as a way to gratefully recover from their substance use, alcoholism, and addictions.

In STEP UP: Unpacking Steps One, Two, and Three with Someone Who’s Been There, the first book in Hazelden Publishing’s Step In to Recovery Series, Michael Graubart provides straightforward explanations on working a Twelve Step program, starting with the first three steps.

Graubart honestly addresses the most common questions about the Twelve Step fellowship. As someone who’s been where you are today, he shows you what it’s like to not only maintain sobriety, but to find a different way of life through a Twelve Step program.

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Recovery is hard, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.


Three Simple RulesIf sobriety were easy, everybody who wanted to be sober would be. And especially for those who are just starting out in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or another Twelve Step program, the prospect of trying to change drinking, using, or other harmful behaviors can seem overwhelming. The good news is there are just three key things we need to focus on.

Trust God. Clean house. Help others.

Three Simple Rules offers a new take on this valuable slogan and explains how these rules can help anyone find fulfilling recovery. Author Michael Graubart also knows that those six short words are packed with meaning and may not sound so straightforward. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Michael uses wit and wisdom gained in more than twenty years of Twelve Step recovery to explain what worked for him so you can figure out what works you. In Michael’s experience, if you follow the Steps, and focus on the three simple rules, you’ll be changed by the process.

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Get Your Recovery Buzz On


Morning CoffeeDon’t let the morning grind get you down. This is the ultimate one-day-at-a-time book for people in all programs. Best selling author singer/ songwriter Michael Graubart shares ideas from twenty-seven years of sobriety, thirty years in Al-Anon, and journeys in Debtors Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, SLAA, outside therapy, and much, much more. Michael brings in ideas from top motivational speakers, business leaders, and a wide variety of non-program authors, making this book uniquely relevant to how recovering addicts and alcoholics can live their best lives right now.

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Sober Songs Vol 1Sober Songs Volume 1
The inner experience of sobriety and recovery — 13 original songs about the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs with Hazelden recovery author and singer/songwriter Michael Graubart. To hear and purchase Michael’s Sober Songs Vol 1, please visit