What Do I Tell My Kid About God, When I Don’t Know What To Tell Myself About God?

Dear Sober Dad,

My five-year-old is asking about God. I’ve only been sober for six months, and I’m still struggling with the concept myself. Who am I to say anything?

– Ted B., Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Ted,

Who knows more about God than you do?

Nobody. Everything we “know” about God is just an educated guess.

And often not all that educated.

Instead of telling your kid about God, why not ask your kid about what he or she believes?
You might find it inspiring.

When Sober Dad’s kids were young, their biggest question was how God became God. They never wondered whether God existed. Somehow, they just accepted the idea that there was a God, and that was fine with them. But how did God get to be God—that’s what they wanted to know.

“There was a ghost raffle,” my oldest, then five, decided.

In other words, there were a whole bunch of ghosts, and they had a raffle, and the winner became God.

That makes at least as much sense as many religious discourses I’ve read or sat through.

For a starter, you can tell your kids that when they look around the world, anything that is square or rectangular was probably made by people. This includes such things as houses, buildings, cards, and cars.

Anything round or curvy, such as leaves and bunny rabbits, was probably made by God.

That will keep them thinking for a while.

And all we adults have to know about God is that there is one, and we aren’t it.