When My Kids Fight, What Should I Do?

Dear Sober Dad,

What do you advise about interceding when your kids fight?

Lucy M., Santa Barbara, California.

Dear Lucy,

I can’t advise; I can only suggest, and I’ll share with you what’s worked for me.

I believe in two theories of law enforcement when it comes to raising children. One is called community policing and the other is the broken windows approach. Continue reading “When My Kids Fight, What Should I Do?”

I Was A Drunken Teenage Idiot. Do I Tell My Kids?

Dear Sober Dad,

Our teenage kids have been asking about what we did when we were teens. My wife and I were both practicing alcoholics from middle school. How much information is too much information?

Clark R., New Braunfels, Texas.

Dear Clark,

            Any information is probably too much information.

It’s important to tell your children the truth, but it’s not necessary to tell them the whole truth. Continue reading “I Was A Drunken Teenage Idiot. Do I Tell My Kids?”

Our Family Trips Are Nightmares From Hell. Please Advise!

Dear Sober Dad,

We have three children—two boys, twelve and nine, and a six-year-old girl. My husband is big on family trips. Typically, the kids fight, and then John and I fight, and the trips are miserable. What do you think?

Eliza R., Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Eliza,

Sober Dad feels your pain. Some of the least happy moments in his life have occurred on family trips, where he has found himself paying handsomely for the privilege of being in the midst of stress-filled encounters in small, confined spaces, far from home, his regular AA meetings, and the refrigerator. Continue reading “Our Family Trips Are Nightmares From Hell. Please Advise!”